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Could it be possible that the pandemic, in an ironic turn of events, killed off one of the most precious assets about millennial culture?

Being broke and nowhere to dine out may suggest that, but it seems that the beloved foodie culture that millennials grasp on for dear life isn’t going anywhere, although with some major changes than before.

The pandemic has made chefs out of all of us. From learning how to make banana bread at the start of the pandemic to jazzing up our boring, boxed macaroni and cheese, many so-called “foodies” have been scratching the itch by following food trends on social media.

Trendy food spots have also scaled down or closed completely since the start of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that popular foodie spots are a thing of the past—they’ve just evolved.

Many restaurants have opted for to-go and delivery options as a way to accommodate for the pandemic and that alternative isn’t going away even as we reach some sense of normalcy. Outdoor seating as well as intimate and spaced-out settings will be the norm for restaurant dining from now on, according to a Food and Wine article.

Although glossy donuts and steaming, hot fried chicken make great photo ops for social media, many people are also opting for more healthy foods. The pandemic has made everyone health conscious so healthy foods like tofu, mushrooms and spices have been all the rage lately.

One of the biggest changes we’ll see in foodie culture is how much people will continue cooking at home. As many restaurants limited their services as well as the stay-at-home orders put in place, many people had no choice but to cook at home, and it seemed to be a success.

Cooking at home not only made chefs out of people, but many are also becoming foodies along the way. The kitchen has become a place of comfort where you can take risks without any judgment. Social media has also played a big role when it comes to cooking at home. Food trends like whipped coffee, baked feta pasta and kitchen sink tortilla wraps have made cooking less intimidating and more fun.

Despite its pretentious beginnings, foodie culture has evolved to a trend that everyone can get into if they have a little time to spare and a spice rack.

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