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Despite being more than half of the way into 2020, the only thing we hear about is the pandemic.   The U.S., unlike many other countries, has yet to overcome the pandemic or, at least lower, the rate of infection, which has caused very much commotion in the media.

Yes, the pandemic is a tough battle to fight, but one tough battle that the media has stopped talking about, however, are the protests that are still going on in cities around the U.S. Most recently, the city of Portland, OR has reached over 60 days in protest, yet no news coverage has been shown of this ongoing battle.

Media news outlets would have you thinking that the battle against police brutality and racial injustice has simmered down, but it is far from over.

Other cities like Baltimore, New York City and Chicago are still protesting against these injustices, but why is it that the news isn’t covering them anymore?

The lack of coverage has a lot to do with age: people who run these national media outlets are older as well as white. And even when they’re not white, racial injustices are treated as part of a status quo.

It’s only been a mere 60 years that the Civil Rights Movement started and, compared to the years that police brutality and racial injustices have taken place, it is nowhere near the amount of time it takes to end discrimination. However, treating these acts of violence as a regular part of life does no one any favors and it doesn’t help to end the oppression.

This tough battle, much like the pandemic, is wagering on the effort of the people as well as politicians to do what’s right and just for the benefit of everyone.

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