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Indeed is probably one of the most commons ways that Millennials and Gen Zs that are entering the workforce search for job opportunities.

I’ve used this website for a bit over 6 years now and I can definitely see some differences. One of them being the amount of “not so honest” vacancies, to say the very least.

Despite the efforts on Indeed’s part to report these possible frauds, the amount of MLM’s on here keeps growing.

Pyramid based companies will list a job as “marketing graduate”, “admin assistant”, “marketing trainee” but then if you google the company, you can see based on reviews that all of their job postings are in reality for door to door sales and not at all what they list the position as. What’s even more frustrating is that they put people off from genuine opportunities and it’s the most vulnerable ones that fall for it. And, with MLM’s being known as pyramid schemes throughout the years, you would think that people recognize them easier now as highly paid jobs that offer a flexible schedule with very little training needed, but they don’t. The moment they tell you to bring more people along to grow the “chain of wealth” it’s usually when most people leave.

These modern days it’s a bit more complex than that. In fact, I got myself involved in one, and it was absolutely toxic how they would use the little they knew about me against me saying how they “cared about me” … until I got sick and I asked about my sick days since they didn’t ever give me a handbook… my “managers” (“successful leaders”) had no answers regarding it. The CEO ended up calling me saying “Sandra, I am the handbook”… Total BS. I was sick in bed, and all he kept doing was pushing me because “he saw something in me”.. that phrase gave me chills and immediately gave me flashbacks… Oh shit, was my boss officially that new toxic person in my life? The answer is yes. He would text and call non-stop, oh, and get mad if I didn’t answer. My covid test results arrived three days later and it turned out it was strep throat. Everyone at the company thought I had faked being sick to avoid going to “team nights”. The messy breakup with this long beach company took 5 times of me saying “I don’t think I can do this anymore”. I had never felt more manipulated in my life. I really thought I had the worst work ethic for not meeting my sales goals and wanting something else. I never leave a job without having any other option, but this time I had to. A month later I received a phone call from El Aviso Magazine, a genuine company that won my heart and Indeed review, and where no one obligated me to become friends with anyone, it just happened as it should be.

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