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Pretty much every millennial has fantasized about quitting their job, buying a one-way ticket to anywhere, and staying long term. “Adventurous, brave, independent” are usually what their friends call them because although the thought is contagious, it’s also not an easy task. In a world where anyone can start a blog and glorify how they left everything behind and never looked back, I can’t help to feel like there has to be someone to tell you that most of the time these are just bloggers that are still in the honeymoon stage of their decision.

Sure, traveling is fun and if you choose an interesting place, it’s natural to want to stay longer but even if you do, no matter where you decide to stay, you’ll still have to have a job, pay taxes, rent, and other responsibilities. Starting over can be a good thing but consider if it’s the right thing for you or if you just need a break.

My intention is not to stop people from being adventurous at all but here’s a huge difference between moving looking for better opportunities and simply having a millennial life crisis.

Don’t get me wrong, I would do it all over again, just in a smarter way: Over the past two years, I’ve had more than ten jobs doing things I never imagined I would. This made me extremely depressed even though now I feel like a have a lot of memorable stories to share. Searching for a place to live in was also hard, in fact, for a while the airport was home.

When I moved to LA, I only had a backpack on me. No friends, no one to call…Scary, yet exciting and only motivated by the thought of the possibilities for me being endless. I’ll never regret my decision. I learned to trust and take good care of myself. I never knew my survival skills were as good. People constantly ask me why I did it and I guess I don’t really have a reason. I cut the ties to things that felt like they were dragging me. Being at a place where nobody knew me, I felt like I could express myself by bringing out the things I loved and focused on what I wanted. It’s been great not listening to anyone’s opinion but mine.  However, I could have had this back home as well if I had just not cared as much.  Honestly, I think in most cases we’re the only ones that can be accountable for how bad our lives seem to be. Moving so rushed is key for disaster. I was lucky that nothing too bad happened to me. 

Fast-forward two years from stepping out of the LAX airport, I really enjoy the person I’ve become, but I constantly feel the need to let people know that I’m not the same person I used to be. I’m not just going to get up and leave when things don’t go my way.. I’m a millennial but, I can be stable too.

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