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Avocado toasts, kombucha and vegan food is synonymous with being a millennial. We know that they can’t start their day without their cold brew or matcha, and grocery shopping at farmer’s markets is an essential errand for your everyday millennial.

As much as people (ahem, older generations) like to bash on how much millennials like to spend so much on avocado toast that they don’t have enough money to buy a house, the trend is catching on with them.

The tables have turned in the so-called frivolous foodie lifestyle and Boomers want in.

A recent article by AARP suggests that this year may be the year we all need to start eating like millennials. Incorporating popular foods like kale, oat milk and quinoa, to name a few, have shown to have excellent health benefits, but of course, millennials already knew that.

Who knew that constantly uploading pictures of your avocado toast brunch and vegan meal prepping to your social media would finally pay off? It’s not like millennials are doing it to be pretentious, but more to be conscious of where food comes from.

Veganism is one of the most prominent symbols of being a millennial. After all, millennials popularized this lifestyle and have made it so popular that most grocery stores have started to add a vegan section in the freezer aisle. Many older people have incorporated plant-based foods like milks, sweeteners and meats.

And this consciousness has also paid off.

Millennials change the food industry yet again with making meal kit apps and services popular. Companies like Blue Apron, Home Chef and HelloFresh as well as grocery delivery services like Instacart and Amazon Fresh, have seen a rise, especially if those companies ethically source their food.

This trend has also caught on with older generations because of the practicality of having already pre-cut and portioned food as well as having your everyday groceries delivered during the pandemic.

As Boomers come and reap from the benefits of the infamous avocado toast, maybe we’ll see a change in perspective, and perhaps a little more sympathy, in regards to other millennial lifestyle choices.

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